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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Work begins with excitement and many familiar faces

Posted in Tanzania on November 1, 2011

We all arrived in Dar Salaam as scheduled on Friday October 28th, no problems getting here, just a long trip for the crew. We were all really excited about the trip into the Kisampa Bush Retreat where we will be staying for the next 2 weeks. A key member of our team from last year’s Kisampa trip Rick Heney was especially excited about getting up early to get on our way there.
We arrived at Kisampa around 5pm and familiarized our self quickly in the camp before it got dark. The team got a chance to go on an amazing educational walk of Kisampa and drive into Matipwilli to assess the project we will be working on Monday morning.

The community of Matipwilli was happy to see the familiar faces of the Developing World Connections team. It was overwhelming to see the children greeting the familiar faces of the last year’s team. We checked out the previous project of the building of a Doctor’s home and were pleasantly surprised with how the home was well kept and the medical facility across the way had been finished and cleaned up by local government. We inspected this year’s project site and it was all prepped and cleaned for us to start building.
The amazing experience of having the village follow you around while you inspect their community was overwhelming for a rookie of DWC (me).
Our first work day in Matipwilli was tremendously productive. We are building a community market for the locals to sell their commodities. The structure took form very quickly with the team working together building form posts for the market structure. We are very happy to report that 8 concrete forms were poured today. We have another 8 to do tomorrow. We also were very pleased that locals joined the project building which made it a real team effort today. The team is excited to get back to work tomorrow!

Jennifer McKinney
DWC Participant
Tanzania November 2011

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