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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Working and taking part in Masi celebrations

Posted in Tanzania on November 4, 2011

Today was a full day on the job site, we got the trussed erected first thing this morning. We decided last night it would be funny if we got all the trusses lined up and placed upside down ready to be erected but Doug wanted to play a joke so he had all the workers gather around and truss plan while Doug scratched his head, he even had the chairman walk under the pointed part of the truss that was facing down to make sure he could walk under it. We all had good laugh and got back to work.

We got a large portion of the building cemented and it looks so much better, we are getting pretty good at flicking the concrete off the cement trowels. Ann and I are considering starting our own parging company.
Oh yeah, on the way to the village by the airport we saw Warthogs and some blue balled monkey’s Hehehehe. Another few cool things we have learned is that elephant dung is great to keep the mosquitoes away if you put it in the fire as well as the new fashion rage here is to wear a razor blade on a chain around your neck because of the RAMBO movies. We are all going to chip in and buy Doug one so we can make him cool!

Our day ended with Raymond our very special friend arranging an authentic Masi celebration for us, we feel very honored to be his guests. Our ride home commence the first part of the celebration, we were to take part in the ritual of sacrificing the goats that we would be having for our meal. This of course is something we are not used to, but felt it would be a cultural experience and would mean a lot to Ray. Some of the ladies were not comfortable with the ritual so they stopped by one of the homes on the way and visited with a young handicapped girl and her family instead. Sandy, Karen and Christine read a book with her and shared the ipad. As you can well imagine an ipad is not something you see every day here. Masi celebrations continue.

This weekend we are heading to Zanzibar and are really looking forward to it!

Jennifer McKinney
DWC Participant
Tanzania November 2011

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