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Matipwilli, Tanzania: An eye-opening visit to the school

Posted in Tanzania on November 14, 2011

Today we are feeling good about our projects and feel pretty confident that we will be able to complete on time. The locals have been really helpful to our team, mixing batches and batches of concrete. Doug, Dave and I worked on a project at the Secondary School today. We had the opportunity to have lunch with the kids and were amazed at how polite the children were. What was most shocking though, was to see the massive 3’ pots that they cook their meals in. That was a definite culture shock for all of us. We think we might have found next year’s project though, which would be to provide a covered eating area and a better kitchen for the secondary school.

On the way to and back from Matipwilli we saw baboons as usual but we were very surprised by lion tracks on the road. We think that a hungry lion might consider our Ricks (Kurzac & Heney) a snack while they are on their morning run. Since they are training for a marathon, let’s hope that they can run fast enough!

Jennifer McKinney
DWC Participant
Tanzania, November 2011

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