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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Completion of a water reservoir and more concrete mixing!

Posted in Tanzania on November 14, 2011

It was a very amazing day in Matipwilli today. The roof parging is all done so we are now working on pouring the floor. A team of 4 went over to finalize last year’s project of putting the top on the water reservoir. Which, of course, means more concrete mixing! One of main goals today was to get the school water reservoir lid formed and rebar laid by noon. We ran a little behind but successfully completed our goal just after lunch, around 1:30pm. The other half of the team, our “chain gang” had a heavy duty day of concrete to finish the floor. The slabs that we are mixing are nothing like the locals have ever seen, some of them are 7” at their thickest point, something that is totally unheard of here! It has been warm and muggy and we have had rain every night, which makes it quite humid in the morning.

Jennifer McKinney
DWC Participant
Tanzania November 2011

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