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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Zanzibar

Posted in Tanzania on November 14, 2011

We are back on the job today after a lovely weekend on the island of Zanzibar! It has been a while since we have sent a message and a lot has happened over the last few days. We continued with the Masai celebration, and the experience that I had was one of the most authentic things that I have ever been a part of. Our fearless leader Rick Kurzac and his partner in crime Doug Wittal dressed up in traditional Masai dresses for the celebration. As part of the celebration, the Masai sacrificed a goat and drink cows blood. We ate goat and danced with the Masai, who said that white men can’t jump?!

Our weekend in Zanzibar was very cool. We were picked up via private charter on the Kisampa airstrip and the flight took about twenty minutes. The sun was out and we immediately took advantage of the amazing infinity pool to rest our tired muscles. Needless to say, there were big smiles from every participant on the DWC Tanzania team. We reflected on our time at Kisampa so far, it has been quite a different experience from normal life in Canada. Ann and I are covered in so many mosquito bites, it looks like we have the measles.

On the Sunday that we left Zanzibar, the rain poured, but it didn’t stop us ladies from shopping. Ann, Karen and I paid a local to take us to the best shopping in Zanzibar. It was a great weekend and we are all ready to get back to work to Kisampa for our last week working on the project.

Jennifer McKinney
DWC Participant
Tanzania November 2011

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