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Naru Moru, Kenya: 15 Kenyans and 7 Canadians working side by side

Posted in Kenya on December 23, 2011

Today we saw the power of what Kenyans can do with very minimal tools and resources. The physical capabilities of the local volunteers were astounding and inspirational. About 15 volunteers came out with their tools in hand, to work alongside our team to continue digging. The selfless participation by the community is truly remarkable, as many of these people may not even benefit from the project. We made many friends today with whom we worked, laughed, and learned from. One portion of the digging was complete, only to come across an enormous tree stump; the hard working Kenyans didn’t waste any time, and quickly decided the only solution was to dig around it and continue on. Now the fun part, machetes (aka panga) were brought out to clear some of the shrub out of the way; the thorns turned out to be more dangerous than the machetes themselves.

The work day came to a close, and everyone sat around chatting before heading home. There was a sense of accomplishment, and friendly camaraderie in the air. We will be working with a new group of volunteers tomorrow, and I look forward to meeting new faces.

Jasmine Dhillon
DWC Team Leader
Kenya December 2011

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