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Naro Moru, Kenya: The hard part is over

Posted in Kenya on December 29, 2011

Today was an amazing day! We were joined again with about 115 local volunteers, and we made it to our final destination! – the empty water tank 1 km away from the start point. A round of high fives and big smiles as we celebrate our accomplishment. The hard part is now over; time for everyone on site to take a break together, sodas in hand. Our supervisor Francis, is overjoyed with the work that has been done. Next is carrying the pipes to the main water tank where they will be placed, and continue all the way to the other end. We carried about 25 of the 150 1 ½ inch pipes and set them down. We wait until tomorrow for the experts who will be connecting the pipes to each other. Everyone is in a super positive mood as we walk back home. Today we hit Nanyuki town about 30km from Naro Moru. We also stopped at the equator, where we were told about the gravitational pull and why water spins clockwise above the equator, counter-clockwise south of the equator, and neutral on the equator. Crazy is all I have to say.

Jasmine Dhillon
DWC Team Leader
Kenya December 2011

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