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Naru Moru, Kenya: The story of our new friend Stephen…

Posted in Kenya on December 29, 2011

Another tough day on the project, but we are making tons of progress. We met a whole new team of volunteers from the community who brought their beautiful smiles. We were fortunate to have met one specific young man who worked harder than the rest; you could see that he enjoyed every moment of it. Stephen is 25 years old, with warm eyes and a kind smile. He has a passion for his family and his farm. His friends recently died of Aids, so he took their now 2 orphaned children into his home and treats them as his own. Stephen is responsible for taking care of his 2 children, his parents, and his younger sister who has university tuition fees. He also has 3 older brothers who live in Nairobi, leaving the workload of their farms on Stephen as well. He kindly invited us to go visit his farm and crops, and meet his family. I have never seen anyone so proud of his farm. We visited his cousin’s graduation party, which consisted of almost 30 family members all celebrating her accomplishment together. We laughed, sang Christmas songs, and took tons more pictures. It was one of my favorite days so far.

Jasmine Dhillon
DWC Team Leader
Kenya December 2011

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