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Naro Moru, Kenya: There is water in the tank!!!

Posted in Kenya on January 4, 2012

Our last day on the project concluded with a few hours of work and water in the tank! As we finish laying the pipes, we discover that we are about 3 pipes short. There is no way we can leave now after coming oh so close to our goal. A designated individual rides his bicycle 7km into town and returns shortly with 3, 20ft PVC pipes on the back of his bike. Unreal.

While waiting for the pipes, we decide to participate in a few friendly push-up and arm wrestling contests. The locals are tough, but I must say the Canadians took gold this time around.

The last three pipes have now been laid and everyone is eager to see the water flow from the forest tank, to the other. We hear it coming, and decide a countdown is in order. 3,2,1 ... no water. So we were off by a few minutes, but we are now used to Kenyan time so Hakuna Matata! We cheer and celebrate with high fives, and big hugs as we finally hear the water splash it's way in. It was an amazing feeling and a wonderful moment. A sense of accomplishment, pride, and pure joy.

The mood turns bittersweet, as we soon say goodbye to those who have worked with us side by side for the last 2 weeks. As a team, we decide to invite some of our closest friends to our celebratory closing ceremony. Back at the house, massive quantities of food are being prepared, and I must say I'm pretty excited to wear clean clothes!

Each committee member expresses their appreciation of our team for coming to Naro Moru, and assisting in the Gitwe Irrigation Water Project. Paul, the Chief of the community, said a few words that I can't seem to forget. He reminded us that we could have come to Kenya as tourists, to climb Mt. Kenya, to visit the slums in Nairobi, etc. However, that we chose to come to the community of Naro Moru, and offer our services on this community project. He told us that God had decided to send them a miracle, and that this miracle was our group of 7 Canadians. I have now come full circle with my emotions, and try really hard not to shed tears. I fail.

I am able to thank the committee members, the community, our new friends, our cook, and our caretakers for welcoming us into their lives and for making every moment unforgettable. I hope to go back to Kenya someday and visit my new friends. I hope to see their beautiful faces once again.

Francis - you were the most amazing Project Supervisor and I thank you for making it happen! Lucy, Regina, Joseph and David - there is no way we would have been able to work so hard without you feeding us and taking care of us and driving us loud Canadians everywhere. To all 11 committee members, thank you for your hard work and organization of the project. And to our new friends, Evans, Kelvin, Joel, Kevin, Vincent, John, Naaf, Bryan, and Stephen. It was wonderful to meet you all. You are the leaders of tomorrow, and I wish you nothing but success in your bright futures. I will miss you dearly, and cannot wait to see you all again.

We end the night with wonderful African song and dance! Ps. Kenyans are also amazing dancers!!!

Cheers to Africa!

Asante sana,

Jasmine Dhillon
DWC Team Leader
Kenya December 2011

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