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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Tanzania.

Matipwilli, Tanzania: Amazing start to the trip

Posted in Tanzania on January 20, 2012

We left for Matipwilli (the village where we're working) at 7:45 this morning. We’ve got two projects to do whilst we’re here. The first is building a new roof for the old part of the market which will connect to the new part. The second is building a new kitchen for the school. Today we were working on the roof. It was hot and humid but the work went pretty quickly with no hick-ups. The only real distractions we’re the kids who we’re off school and just wanted to play. It was a crazy combo of one minute nailing corrugated iron sheets to a wooden frame and the next having 10 kids hanging off your arms (one on each finger – no joke either). What an amazing start to the trip and the perfect welcome to Tanzania and Matipwilli.

Matt Pettifer
DWC Participant
Tanzania, January 2012

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