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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Tanzania.

Matipwilli, Tanzania: Experience has surpassed my expectations

Posted in Tanzania on January 24, 2012

Where to begin........My experience thus far has surpassed expectations. The group, work project & accommodations have come together so well. There has been much laughter & joke telling as we get to know one another whilst working on the project (which is on-schedule) or sitting around the campfire in the evening before dinner.The new kitchen for the school in the village of Matipwili is beginning to take shape.

Our journey into Matipwili from Kisampa Camp, our stunning base, takes us through lush scenery. Each day we see something different, wild life so far include Colubus Monkeys, Baboons & Crown Thorn bill birds. The children in the village are delightful and seem to take pleasure in our arrival at lunch time when we take a break and enjoy a traditional home cooked meal by the locals, who are very friendly and supportive of the work we are doing here.

After just few days we have experienced so many different aspects of life here in Tanzania, too many to write about, many more to come. This is a surreal experience in a beautiful country and having great co-workers. I am really happy to be part of this trip with Developing World Connections.

Judith Hall
DWC Participant
Tanzania, January 2012

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