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Matipwilli, Tanzania: National park and beach time

Posted in Tanzania on January 24, 2012

We headed to Saadani National Park today. The plan was to see more animals and then head to the coast to hit a beach up. We were told the park is relatively new as far as these things go so the animals aren’t that familiar with humans. They’re a bit shy apparently – no kidding (just want to reference my comment from before about 12 people in Land Rovers again here!). That being said saw my first giraffe which was mind blowing. Didn’t realize something so big with such long legs and neck could be so graceful. And hide so easily when it wanted to too. Weird right. You’d think they’d stand out for miles – they don’t! And with the thought of having to mix more concrete tomorrow the beach was the icing on the cake. Swimming in the Indian ocean says it all.

Matt Pettifer
DWC Participant
Tanzania, January 2012

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