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Matipwilli, Tanzania: A hard day of work

Posted in Tanzania on January 25, 2012

We worked hard today! I shoveled dirt, filled potholes in the road leading to the school, mixed cement to patch the pillars we poured a couple of days ago, sanded cement pillars, and painted the big outdoor oven. Actually I did not do all of this by myself, it was a group effort. The group also raised the trusses for the roof and tied/nailed them into place. The best part of the day was when the students from the primary school came and moved wheel barrow loads of sand for the foundation of the floor. Tomorrow we will pour cement for the floor. It was hot and sweaty work, but it sure feels good to see things falling into place. Tomorrow we will finish the roof in the morning, and then visit the primary school in the afternoon.

Deep Pannu
DWC Participant
Tanzania, January 2012

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