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Matipwilli, Tanzania: A wonderful experience

Posted in Tanzania on January 27, 2012

It has been a wonderful experience here, waking up in the morning by nature at precisely 6:10am, cicadas and birds serenading us awake. Kisampa is a wonderful place, will miss the outside showers and sleeping with wonderful warm breezes coming off the land. There are very few bugs and I didn’t expect that, quite the opposite, eating outside at night by candlelight has been to beautiful starry skies.

The project has been a lot of work but so satisfying to work with such a great team and today having the Matipwilli school boys show up to lend some muscle. It enabled us to get the last of the cement flooring done in quick order. Buckets of cement were being filled and flying down the chain so fast one could barely pass of one with out the other being there.

One of the best parts is the ride back to Kisampa after in Richard's Land Rover and then relaxing in the Pavilion with everyone before running to our Bandas to get showered up. It is a little sad knowing tomorrow is our last day at the project, hope we get pictures from the next group of the kitchen in operation.

Jane Irvine
DWC Participant
Tanzania January 2012

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