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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Kitchen is almost done!

Posted in Tanzania on January 27, 2012

Making good progress with the kitchen. The roof is on and we’re now back to mixing concrete for the floor. This is the last big job to do so we are sucking it up and getting ‘er done. Having to stay pumped for it too as we’re gonna be doing this for the next couple of days. We’re sooooo close now. Two highlights from today were:

1) After lunch we went into the village to give them vitamins, school books for their library and pens and paper for the school kids (It’s all stuff brought in by the team). The village committee and a load of kids were there to accept them. It was like Christmas but without Santa. Good thing he wasn’t there as I think he’d of passed out due to the heat.

2) I had that chat with the trailer.

Matt Pettifer
DWC Participant
Tanzania, January 2012

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