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Day 5: Balinese children express their Creativity

Posted in Bali on February 21, 2012

Once again our 07:30 pickup arrived around 08:45, we decided to give them another chance before we mentioned our need for better punctuality. Another hot one today with more wall construction out in the sun. Lina decided to pitch in as well, as we took the opportunity to inundate her with question after question. She was a good sport about it and provided much needed explanations to some of our curiosities of the trip. It came to our attention that the local help wanted to limit our participation in the project a little. These men are hungry for work and seeing us push to finish will only put them out on the street sooner. We took advantage of this to do our Valentines day activity with the children in the afternoon. We brought around three dozen water color paint sets as well as pink paper and stick-on decorations. The children needed no explanation and creativity ran wild. We learned some of their language like Coopoo Coopoo (butterfly) and shared many of our words with them. By the end, the pavilion was covered with watercolors and many masterpieces were on display. The children expressed their appreciation by dedicating many of their works to us. The quantity of individual works quickly showed that some of us were more popular than others. Also on the agenda was to share some heart shaped candies around. Realizing that the sugar would quickly send the children into orbit, we saved their deployment to just prior to the ride home. Time was up and our day came to an end. We wished the staff good luck and hopped in the van back to the hotel.

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