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Day 8: Discovering Menjangan Island

Posted in Bali on February 23, 2012

Wyan surprised us today with a nearly on time arrival at our hotel. We stuffed down our breakfast and piled into the van for our trip to the northwestern coast of Bali. We arrived an hour later at the Mimipi resort area for a boat ride out to Menjangan. Based on the number of white people we saw at Mimipi, you could say we finally wandered into a tourist area; it was unusual for even us to get used to. The vessel that took us out to the island was a sampan style boat painted in a United Nations two tone. You could see Bilge water sloshing back and forth through the Boards on the deck. After a short trip we arrived at the snorkel spot. The guide took us out into some shallow water to view the various fish and coral that could be found. As we moved farther out, all of a sudden the reef dropped off from 8ft (1.5M) to about 80ft (27M) which provided an array of extraordinary marine life. We all must have spent an hour and a half out there, and mind you it was the first time snorkeling for one of the members of the group. The lunch bell was rung and we were all surprised to be handed a turkey sandwich; what a nice change from the usual… Rice. Around the island we went for another run at snorkeling a different reef. We got more awesome sights again as well as a pretty good sun burn on our back side. By the time we got back to the hotel most of us were aching for some relief. Despite our Grammy winning performances acting out sunburn pain, the drug store clerks ended up giving us anti gas cream which was not the problem we wanted to solve most at the present time. What an adventure.

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Gregory, Tommy, Arnaz, Bob, Mary and Jen

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