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Day 10: Back to the project & determined to make some progress

Posted in Bali on February 28, 2012

We returned from our weekend of fun ready to make some real progress on the project. The speed of progress from the first week was not going to cut it anymore; we had four days left and wanted something to show for it. The locals tried to set the usual pace, but when they saw the piles of gravel and sand growing relentlessly as well as the rebar and form boards set in place, it had been decided. Thin slices of coconut tree trunks were set around the rebar to make forms for the concrete. We mixed wheel barrow after wheel barrow and had half the forms filled by days end. The workers will pace themselves based on the heat, but take a long time to adopt simple adjustments that would also help prevent their tiring. For example, they preferred to have us empty a barrow full of gravel into the pile while at the same time filling another up from that same pile to add to the concrete mix. Next, they decided to fill the easiest forms first, making it more difficult the move concrete to the farther forms. In the end we decided that they have their reasons and most of all we are here to learn and help. After lunch we spent some time with the kids, playing Uno, Talking, Hexogram building, and of course soccer. At their young age these kids still are learning and understanding their world and environment. Most of their games and interactions are focused on understanding and learning, rather than perfecting a known skill. The inquisitive nature and explorative attitude is enjoyable to partake in. There is much we have forgotten from our childhoods.

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