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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Bali.

Day 9: Shopping and Exploring

Posted in Bali on February 28, 2012

Late wake up, late breakfast, late start on our shopping day. Wyan and Nenden gave us a wish list for the Orphanage, and we set out to go mid-evil on it. Socks, writing books, pens, pencils, paint brushes… We got them all. After all that effort, there was a collective decision to catch a ride back to the hotel on a collection of horse drawn buggies. We paired up, loaded up, and the trio headed out. The ride to the hotel cost $1 per buggy, a bargain to beat the heat. Next on the plan was a drive to a local beach. The weather was not the best for beach goers, and soon after we arrived the rain began to fall. Luckily there was a bar about 50 yards (45M) away where we could enjoy our favorite Indonesian habit; drinking Bintang. The rain was short lived and our boredom motivated us to venture out and explore. We found a lady selling BBQ’d corn and decided to try it out. The spice was so hot that few of us got past the third bite. At 25 cents a pop it was worth the risk. The beach seemed to be a hangout of the younger crowd and as the sunset drew nearer more and more people showed up. We noticed from one of Tommy’s pictures that some of the crowd were not to happy with our presence. No words were exchanged or hostilities raised, but the gesture was clear and present. The time had come to head back and call it a day.

DWC Team
Gregory, Tommy, Arnaz, Bob, Mary and Jen

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