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Last Days: Celebrations, fun and farewells

Posted in Bali on February 28, 2012

The project, the kids, the heat and the energy have made these last three days all blend together. Our desire to make significant progress on the project as well at our inevitable return to normal life is growing like uncertain shore on the horizon. While the idea of meals without rice, cooler weather, and friends and family are excitedly anticipated, what we have each learned about ourselves and this wonderful place will make for a bitter sweet departure. The projects walls continue to grow higher and higher. We are now standing on scaffolds of nailed together coconut boards which even the locals seem skeptical about. To our surprise Wyan joined the effort cementing layer after layer of bricks toward the sky. He has suggested that we donate a round of beer to the workers on the last day to celebrate, we have no objections. The wheel Barrows are maxed out at 12 bricks a load, however 8 is the standard in this heat. Micel and Exel are helping to keep us company on the return trips by riding in the barrow back to the brick pile. Perhaps the people whom are feeling our departure the most are the children. Their behavior has turned to a passive aggressive engagement. They are looking for things to occupy their emotions but at the same time seem to be closer to us than ever. Hugs, hands, pictures, and words are all exchanged frequently. When lunch times comes on the final day, there is much planned for the afternoon. The children are dressing up in the traditional sarongs and dresses to perform an incredible show. Just when we think its winding down, they grab us off our seats and make us dance with them. Wyan and the staff have some touching words that Lena helps to translate. The habits die hard as they still think we are all from Canada and refer to us as so. It is an inside joke between Lena and us; we all get a good laugh. They give us gifts of homemade bracelets and we in turn give socks and books; then hype the kids up on candy. Mary is turning 29 today and they sing her happy birthday for at least five minutes straight while moving in a quasi conga line around her. The whole Orphanage is involved. Then it is time to go. Some Kids have said their goodbyes and don’t hang on the departure, while other watch and wave. Nenden is not getting off so easily as we kid nap her for a dinner out in Negara. We wish and the baby a safe and happy arrival with the promise of pictures. It is time for the long drive back to Denpasar. It is the usual demonstration of organized ciaos. We meet for the last time at Wydha Asih headquarters to see the heart of the operation. It is impressive how much they accomplish with so little resources. Our time as a team has come to an end. One by one we split off as the next two days unfold. We look forward to the next adventure with Tommy Marx and DWC.    

DWC Team
Gregory, Tommy, Arnaz, Bob, Mary and Jen  

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