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Lima, Peru: Thank you to all for a rewarding experience!

Posted in Peru on March 26, 2012

Physically it feels like we've been toiling away for weeks, yet otherwise it seems like we only just arrived in Lima.  Now, to our great regret, it is over.

Day four at the school was a continuation of the first few weeks.  More mixing of cement, more stacking of boulders, and plenty more sweat.  Add to that the digging of holes for poles to support the railings of the stairs.  That same day we also brought a translation dictionary for Abdias, who was as eager to speak English phrases as we were to learn Spanish.

In the afternoon, we wound down with games of soccer and volleyball with the kids, which tested our skills and showed that we may be better at heaving loads of concrete than we are at sports.  Apparently the athleticism of a group of Canadian adults and teenagers is no match against a bunch of energetic Peruvian children!

The next day was our last, and so we really made it worth our while.  We pushed through from morning until mid afternoon with hardly a break, determined to finish our project before our time there was done.  By the final hour, the rock wall base along the dining hall had expanded, and railings were put in place to line the brand new set of stairs leading up to it.

To celebrate the completion of our stint at the school, a party was held in one of the classrooms, attended by children from several grades.  They showed their gratitude to us with speeches, musical presentations, gifts, and a round of dancing that some of us couldn't resist joining in on.  At the end of it all, I think it was we who were left the most grateful for the way each one of them had touched our souls and been so welcoming to all of us.  After a heart-wrenching frenzy hugs and goodbyes, we boarded our bus knowing that we had made a meaningful connection with this community and its people that would stay with us forever.

Thank you to Abdias, Miguel, and the rest of the work crew, to the school staff and parents of San José Obrero, and to Developing World Connections and IFEJANT, for joining together to make this such a memorable and rewarding experience.  Most of all, thank you to the wonderful children, who have shown us firsthand that projects like this one can truly affect the lives of budding generations, as well as our own.  While I'll be happy not to hear the words "Mas cemento!" again for quite some time, it is awfully sad to have to leave so soon.

Team Cedar, checking out!

Cory Stumpf
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru March 2012

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