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April 9: Bridging the digital gap begins today!

Posted in Bali on April 11, 2012

After an orientation session this morning the group got rolling on our technology project. The two HP servers were cracked open and the process of creating virtual machines was underway. Kevin O'Neal led the way with Bill McCluskey getting some real world practice.

Tim Taylor and Candice Garner set off to buy some cable and power bars and it ended up taking all afternoon because the van they were driving in had a flat tire. The spare was also flat so the process was a little slower than it should have been. In any case the objective was met so we can begin manufacturing some cable lengths tomorrow.

Eric Gardiner started his project of making a 10 minute video by interviewing Wayne McRann the President of Developing World Connections (DWC). DWC has been our partner on projects ranging from Sri Lanka to Rwanda. Eric is planning on telling the story of why our project is needed at all. Eric and James Kessenich ventured out in to a rice harvest to get some great shots and some perspective on regular working folks.

The rest of the Softchoice crew (Tima Rocha, Catharine Brar, Hubert Siniah, Jason Van Ravensway, Nicole Elliott, Karly Pierce) unpacked the fabulous donations that our coworkers and friends sent with us here and sorted it into the right boxes so that they could be delivered to the right orphanage location. There are seven locations and the children at each are different ages and academic stages. Some of our friends back home have us money and the team went out to buy shampoo, soap and school supplies to supplement the packages.

Kan Choi worked with the office workers gathering requirements for what the database attributes will be so that our beneficiary tracking system has all the right information.

So, a great first day! We are under way representing more than 1100 people at Softchoice and we couldn't be prouder to do so!

Nick Foster
DWC Team Leader
Bali, April 2012

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