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April 2012: Bodwell is back in Kenya!

Posted in Kenya on April 19, 2012

From April 14th to the 28th, students from Bodwell high school will travel to Maai Mahiu to break ground on the first Knowledge and Resource Center for Host Partner, Comfort the Children (CTC)!

CTC International’s Knowledge and Resource Center will serve as the very first library in Maai Mahiu, narrowing the development divide between rural and urban areas and opening new worlds of opportunity. The center will provide essential support to all of CTC’s educational programs: adult education, after school tutoring and Rafiki Link. By allowing for dual use as a cybercafé, the center will also provide an important source of income.
CTC is making concerted efforts to build a center that is locally relevant. They are striving to have local textbooks available and additional resources to train community members in the research of practical solutions to local problems. Plus, the centre will provide increased awareness of education and job opportunities, improved technological and traditional literacy of community members, improved results among Maai Mahiu area schools and an increased number of community members engaged in civic life.

DWC Bodwell High School Participants
Maai Mahiu, Kenya, April 2012

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