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May 6th: First impressions in Phnom Penh

Posted in Cambodia on May 22, 2012

So I have officially made it to Cambodia safe and sound! I luckily skipped out on the jet lag! The flight here was uber long, but it was well worth it. Having never been to Cambodia before, I can definitely say that it has made a great first impression. The landscape itself is beautiful! Yesterday, we went up to a Buddist temple that we hiked 400 some odd stairs to get to. On the way up the hike, I kept looking back down knowing that the view was going to be fabulous. We met up with a bunch of children, some baboons, and monks on route to the top. At the peak was the absolutely incredible temple with gold doors on each of the 4 sides and the 360 degree view surrounding it was just as incredible, everything so green! We also went to one of the markets in Phnom Penh called the Central Market. There were loads of stalls with different items to be sold, everything was there from clothing to rambutan's (a fruit with a hairy peel) to electronics. The part that was the "most interesting" for me (being a veggie and all) was walking down the meat isles. The characteristic smell of rancid meat in that area was almost vomit worthy. Gross, but an experience none the less. Today, we will be going to the village where we will be doing our volunteer project. We will drive about 5 hours to get there this afternoon. But for now, I am going to sit in this comfy wooden chair and drink my cold coconut milk and then go for a $5 Thai massage... I love it here!

Peace always,

the travelling gypsy

Maggie B
DWC Student Participant
Cambodia, May 2012

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