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May 13th: Settling in to our new home

Posted in Kenya on May 25, 2012

We arrived in Nairobi Saturday night after a long day of travel. Seven of us had travelled together from Canada and the eighth member of our team had travelled from New Zealand and was already waiting for us in Nairobi with our driver David. David took us to our hotel (The Delta...Nairobi style) for the night and we settled in.

First thing in the morning we went out shopping for rubber boots at the Nakumat, the London Drugs of East Africa. It is the rainy season in Kenya and none of us had come completely prepared. Once we were stocked up we were ready to head out for the 4 hour drive to Naro Moru.

We had a couple of stops along the way but made it to Manyatta (just outside of Naro Moru Town where we will be doing our project) well before dark. They welcomed us at Mt. Kenya Youth Hostel with big smiles and little snack before supper. I think we were all surprised at how amazing our accommodations were. The three boys are in their room and then five girls in our room. The hostel is spacious and the food is so great! The family running the hostel has a smile and a hug for everyone and definitely make us feel very at home. 

After a long few days of travel we were ready for a rest so we would be ready to begin kazi ngumu (hard work) on Monday.  

 DWC Team
 Kenya, May 2012

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