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May 22nd: A different kind of kazi ngumu

Posted in Kenya on May 25, 2012

The kazi ngumu continues on and we are making some great progress. As if digging trenches isn't enough, we have added some extra work to our daily schedule, and have been invited to work with the Mt. Kenya Tree Reforestation Project in the afternoons. Unfortunately on Monday the rain prevented us from working and today we managed to make it to the project for brief introductions. The project site is a beautiful oasis, a hidden gem located next to river amongst the trees. At the site they plant seeds and grow seedlings to plant throughout the community. Again the rain prevented us from doing much work but we have been informed that tomorrow we will visit Manyatta Primary School to plant 50 trees, we have a teacher in the group and she couldn't be more excited about visiting a school. 

DWC Team

Kenya, May 2012

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