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June 2nd: Team arrives in Cambodia

Posted in Cambodia on June 6, 2012

Yesterday we were provided the opportunity to visit the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. The museum was located in a high school that was converted into a prison by the Khmer Rouge during the 1970's.

Through pictures, stories and access to the cells the museum vividly demonstrated the tragedy that occurred at the site and throughout the country.

The trip through the museum reminded us that even though we think of the tragedy as long in the past that it was less than 40 years ago and many people living in Cambodia still deal with the consequences of those events daily.

After witnessing the museum, we were provided the opportunity to meet one of only seven people who survived living in the prison. This gentle elderly man thanked us for visiting and left us with a clear example of the power of forgiveness.

Matt Creechan
DWC Participant
Cambodia, June 2012

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