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June 1st: The final water pipe is laid

Posted in Kenya on June 19, 2012

Our last day with a jembe and kijiko (hoe and shovel) today! We have made our trench across the road (very kazi ngumu!) today and laid the pipe to make the final connection to the existing pipe line. Now water will be able to flow through the pipes to every member at all times of the year instead of just during the rainy season. There were lots of people from the community out today and also a lot of committee members to work and to witness the end of the project. Of course it couldn't have gone off without a hitch... there were a few moments once the last pipe had been laid that we had to wait patiently to be sure the water pressure was strong enough and there were no plugs in the line. Luckily it started flowing strongly again and we were able to connect the last pipe. It has been an amazing experience to work with the people here and become members of the community in our own rite. We have a special bond with the village here and everyone who has worked alongside us in order to reach our goal; we have developed world connections as well as a water connection together! 

DWC Team
Kenya, May 2012

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