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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

June 2nd: Revisiting the hard work that was done

Posted in Kenya on June 19, 2012

We had a later start to our day today; we met with Benna and Francis from the Gitwe water committee at 10am at the starting point of our project 3 weeks ago. We walked along the 1.3km where we had laid the water pipeline and were able to go visit community members who now have water flowing through the pipes at their homes. We were joined along the way by James and Edward from the committee and made an even larger group by the time we arrived at our first stop at Kariuki's house. Kariuki had worked with us quite diligently throughout the project and our group had developed a special bond with him, particularly Makena! He was very happy to greet us all and to be able to show us the water that was coming to his home. From there we went on to 5 more homes in that area - all of whom were grateful for our donation and kazi ngumu! We saw where Peter had made his own trench for half a mile by himself to get pipes set up between his house and his parents. He had worked on it by himself in preparation for the time when this project finally connected the pipeline to him. The community members that we visited were also there working with us almost every day so it was special to us to know that we have directly helped our new marafiki (friends).

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