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June 3rd: Celebration time!

Posted in Kenya on June 19, 2012

This will be a busy day! It is Sunday morning, this is our final day in Naro Moru and we will be having our celebration with the community this afternoon. Mkubwa, Njeri, and Ciko are headed to church with Ciko (it is a popular name!) who works at the hostel, while the others have decided to stay back to help prepare for the party. A lovely meal was prepared for our guests which included representatives from the Gitwe water committee, the Mount Kenya reforestation project as well as some of the community members that had helped us with kazi ngumu! After the meal we carried on with speeches from our guests and we were all given the opportunity to speak about our experience and share our gratitude with the community, we were also presented with certificates to commemorate our contribution to the project. As the party wrapped up we exchanged email addresses with our friends so that we can stay in touch for our next visit; all 8 of us have mentioned that we hope to return to Naro Moru. No Kenyan celebration would be complete without song and dance and we were thrilled to join in this experience, it was a wonderful finale to the party! Most of our guests had cleared out but there were a few women who were still cooking chapatti (an African flatbread) inside the house, a few of us were fortunate enough to try our hand at rolling and cooking the chapatti. It ended up that chapatti had led into another dance party and we all joined in for an encore celebration! 

DWC Team
Kenya, May 2012

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