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May 25th: Another week of planting

Posted in Kenya on June 19, 2012

Another week of kazi ngumu is finished and we were able to plant another 50 trees at another primary school here in Naro Moru. It was a great afternoon as each of us seemed to have our own team of children to show us around their school. Some ran us around the track, while others were imitated when the children drew chalk beards on their faces to look like them. There were many games played and songs sung and we all learned a lot from each other and spent a great couple of hours together. Since this primary school was a little bit further from our home at the hostel, we were able to get David to be our driver again today and took an even further detour into Nanyuki across the equator from where we are staying. We had a nice time in Nanyuki, shopping to prepare for our weekend away and having supper together out at a restaurant.

DWC Team
Kenya, May 2012

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