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July 16: A successful first week!

Posted in Cambodia on July 16, 2012

Things are going really well on our volunteer project. We are building a house for a local family who has recently lost their husband/father. There is the mom and her two young girls, one who is already attending school and the other who is still too young for school. They are such a nice family and everyday the grandparents (granddad is handicap) always bring us fruit, drinks and a big smile to show us their appreciation. The grandma speaks a little bit of English and always tries to speak with us, it is so lovely! The house we are building them has thatched walls and a zink roof.  Everyday the family, neighbors, some of our Host Partners volunteers and our DWC team come work on the house construction.  It has been a very joyful first work week.

This weekend we are going out to explore some of the surrounding areas of Kep: the caves, Kep national park, French arctic, hiking and going to the Kampot province, Borkor Mountain and the waterfalls near by. They are supposed to be really stunning!

DWC Team
Cambodia, July 2012

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