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August 11: National Park game drive, painting and the lovely children

Posted in Tanzania on August 13, 2012

Hi Fans, Friends, and Family of DWC – it’s Corie again!

We had a day off yesterday and went through the National Park. First off, we went to do a river cruise down the Wami river. We saw heaps of hippos – one rather aggressive Daddy hippo that I was quite content to stay clear from. We also saw a BIG crocodile on the shore and I was brave until we got close and then when he came into the water pointed in our direction, I screamed like a girl. We also saw all kinds of birds – eagles, kingfishers, and other names I cannot possibly remember. Then we headed to the village of Sadaani to pay our park fees and have a little refreshing rest break (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Some secrets stay on the road! Then we headed to the beach for a picnic lunch and some sun and sand in the Indian Ocean. Some of the ladies went into the ocean – I got my feet wet but that’s it for me. We packed up at the beach and headed through the park on a game drive. We managed to see a few animals – monkeys and baboons, lots of reedbucks, some heartbeasts, and one incredible giraffe that the amazing Bev spotted! We got back to Kisampa at 6 pm – too late for me to teach my daily yoga class but just in time for our drink o’clock!

Today we worked with some oil based royal blue paint. We did the lower half of the outside walls to make them more weather proofed. We also painted the window frames – this was tedious, careful, slower work so we were not finished the first coat until just about lunch time. I did head over to the library to play with some children – I started a couple days ago playing an alphabet game with some of the children and today there was a few of those kids and a bunch more but they already knew the game. There is an alphabet puzzle like ‘A’ and an apple picture go together etc. and once the pieces are together in the middle of our circle, I have them hold up their magic finger. Then I say “Where is the M?” and if they need a hint, I identify the picture that goes with the letter. Then whoever finds the correct letter gets the letter/picture cards. Then at the end they have to count all the cards they have in English - simple but effective and catchy. After lunch we were again done for the day. I could get too used to this practice of being done after lunch and going home for siesta.

However, leaving town the rag-a-muffin children seem to find it entertaining to chase our vehicle out of town – as well as grabbing on to the back of the vehicle. This bothers me so my teacher voice comes out and I yell “Hapana simama!” Then a town man really stopped them by chasing them off with a stick – that works too. The kids then ran to the other side of town to wave us off as our vehicle came round. We then stopped again at the local Maasi compound. The ladies there make some lovely jewellery so we popped in for some of our ladies to pick up some trinkets they ordered from Mama Justine. Mama Justine is absolutely stunning! Her prices for jewels are a little steep but she does not have much competition!

So we seven ladies now have the camp to ourselves for the weekend. Two of our party have departed (Irene and Frank have gone to another camp for the week). As well, our host/hostess Richard and Jeanann have taken Jacqui and the children into Dar as she and the children are off to Holland for the upcoming school year. This leaves Bori in charge of us 7 ‘cheezie’ ladies (and cheezie means CRAZY here! – so how fitting!) So look out Bori – when the Rooster and Hen are away – the chicks will play!

Corie McRae
DWC Participant
Tanzania, August 2012

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