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Nov 9: End of our first week

Posted in Tanzania on November 9, 2012

Today, being Friday, we are off to the school to meet with the students. We hope to be able to distribute the tooth paste and brushes we brought with us. Sarah has volunteered to act as a demonstrator.  Rob and Matthew have been the carpenters of the group applying mozzie screens to windows of the computer area.
The idea is to get some of the adults to come in at night as well for a demonstration on hygiene. But, with the lights on so come the bugs which may discourage some from attending the sessions that are planned for them.

Seems as though the Massi herdsmen are planning to get new grass for their animals and have been actively burning areas around Kisampa (our camp/accommodations) much to the owner Richard's disgust. Kisampa is a conservation area and as such they should not even been on the property with their cows. He chased one herd off by firing his revolver into the air the other day! Anyway it looks like the Massi may get their wish of new grass as we awoke to rain this morning.

Tony Dufficy
DWC Team Leader
Tanzania, November 2012

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