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Nov 9: Fun times at the Elementary School

Posted in Tanzania on November 9, 2012

It’s Friday and we’re delighted to take the weekend off, just in time for a break because we thought it couldn’t get any hotter and today it was.  It rained in the morning which helped the sauna like conditions today. 

We went into the elementary school this morning and visited 2 of the classrooms. I gave them a tooth brushing demo which was quite fun. The classroom was an airless dreary concrete room and the sweat just dribbled down the back of our legs while I told the kids to pretend the toothbrush was a train and the teeth were the tracks. I sounded like a complete fool while I was imitating the sounds of a train riding the tracks. 
The kids were quite taken by Matthew’s braces so I explained what the they were and why he had them.  They had never seen anything quite like them before.  Our Team Leader, Tony asked them how old they thought he was and they decided that he was probably 40!  Tony was really delighted with that answer. 

A couple of the girls showed us one of their clapping games and Sarah and I tried to demo a couple of clapping rhythms but I couldn’t keep up with the speed.  Andrew has his own following and the local boys would like Andrew how to teach them to do back flips off the trees.  While Matthew is king of Frisbee games with the kids.

My battery is down to 10 percent so I’ll sign off for now. Cheers!

Karen Klassen
DWC Participant
Tanzania, November 2012

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