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Nov 15: Christmas in November at the preschool

Posted in Tanzania on November 15, 2012

We've had a fabulous couple of days.  We set up a preschool for the little ones that follow us everywhere we go.  The resource center was full of coloring books and crayons that no one seemed to be aware of so we set up different tables in the freshly painted room and introduced the kids to watercolor paints and coloring pencils and pastels.  They kids sat at the tables and were absorbed for hours!  Andrew and Matthew showed them how to put together k'nex and Tony introduced them to jigsaw puzzles.  The puzzles were such a foreign concept to them.  It was definitely a test of patience for him.  Sarah and I were busy handing out fresh coloring pages....some of the kids finished at least 10 of them.  I think it felt a bit like Christmas for them. 

The day before Tony (our Team Leader) and I went to visit Stumai - the woman in the wheelchair at the edge of the village.  We wheeled her into the shade and read her a few stories through Omari who translated for us.  The best part was when one of the Masai men came over to listen to `Wwombat Stew'. 

We managed to get into the school today and hand out all the wooden cars that Terry Shupe (a local volunteer) had made and donated to DWC.  Together with our toothbrushes, I think we had enough treats for everyone in the school.  Each class sang the anthem for us and one of them sang a version of `If you're happy and you know it.'  We were the most surprised by the enthusiasm of the class that were given balloons and a pencil.  Note to time pack more balloons.  They are light, fun and easy to pack. 

We're hoping to set up the preschool again tomorrow.  The kids, mine included, love all the interaction. Andrew comes home filthy every afternoon from all of his flipping and frisbee games. 

Time for dinner.


Karen Klassen
DWC Participant
Tanzania, November 2012

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