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January 8: Water is a precious commodity

Posted in Kenya on January 9, 2013

We all arrived in Naro Moru safe and sound.  Internet access has been poor, so I am finally "in" and posting a summary.
In Nairobi, were met by our driver David in the airport with our huge bags of glasses (1000+), soccer jerseys and soccer balls. You would think we are distributing these items as our main focus, but actually we are going to Naro Maru to help the community build a 50 cubic metre water storage tank so that the community doesn't to depend on government restrictions (1 hour of water per day) during the dry season, and for the rest of the year. Water is a precious commodity, especially this water, which they have brought by irrigation pipe from a source far away on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, so it is their potable water. They have had to walk several kilometers to a river and bring all their water home by pail in the past, so a water tank is a huge progressive step.

Cam Grant
DWC Team Leader
Naro Moru, January 2013

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