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January 18: Final Goodbyes

Posted in Kenya on January 18, 2013

We knew this day was coming, and its always impossible to fully prepare for the tears, the warm handshakes and hugs and the "please return soon." There is so much joy in our hearts tonight as we sit around the dinner table reminiscing about the past two weeks, the amazing people of Kenya, the project, the eyeglasses, grateful hearts on both sides. We attended the tank construction site for the last time, had tea and were promised pictures of the completed tank. We then walked down the dusty road, which has grown so familiar to us over the past few weeks, seeing the adults on the side of the road greeting us with the national language of Kenya, Jambo or the mother tongue of people here, "wi-mwega" which means "are you well?" in Kikuyu. The reply is "kwega muno" which means "I am well."

The celebration was held at Nderitu's home and many members of the community attended, including the committee that took so very good care of us.We each thanked the community for going out of their way to be so hospitable, and as I mentioned earlier, many tears were shed. We danced, we sang, we ate the most delicious meal and we drank copious amounts of chai tea. The time soon came that we had to leave and return to our accommodations, and after final goodbyes, we walked past so many people along the road that were there to wait for the ballot box to arrive from Naru Maru, because today is election day, the primaries in Kenya.

Tomorrow we begin our journey south to the Rift Valley for our safari.

Cam Grant
DWC Team Leader
Naro Moru, January 2012

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