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March 11: Lovely accomodations, great food and working hard!

Posted in Cambodia on March 11, 2013

We all arrived safe on Sunday. Our accommodations, the Kep Beach Hotel, is very nice and comfortable. It has excellent food for supper and breakfast, very friendly staff and an amazing view.  Monday was our first day of work and we started with building the brick walls for some latrines. We split into two groups with each building one latrine for two different families who are related. It was very hot with high humidity but there was a light breeze that was appreciated. A new experience for restaurant, but instead we went to a community complex where the community made an excellent lunch of rice, vegetables and shrimp for us. It was very tasty with the Famous Kampot peppers included in the meal. 
After work, half the team went for a swim in the ocean. The ocean was as warm or warmer than the showers in the hotel. Diner was another nice meal at a local seafood restaurant with the Kampot peppers again. Absolutely tasty! 
Every one worked hard today and had fun working with the locals at the work site. Lots of smiles and a great atmosphere. We're tired but looking forward to tomorrow.

Wade Billey
DWC Participant
Cambodia, March 2013

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