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March 15: Latrine’s done and started a new irrigation ditch

Posted in Cambodia on March 15, 2013

Everything is well here in Kep. We finished the 2 latrines for the community on Thursday morning.
A very special moment as all the people on site helped out at the last moment, from the children to the adults. We all pitched in!
Then we went too a site very close by to build an irrigation ditch for another local family. A lot of cement, digging and dirt moving again. There is a 600 meter walk on a dike to get to the site. An interesting walk as we had to pass through a water buffalo herd to reach the site. This project is going well but there is no shade so it's very hot. But we did get a little rain shower on Friday which was very well received.
Friday night we went for a nice supper with the Equitable Cambodia (EC) staff and some Rotarian's. Great food, great conversation and a lot of laughs. Vy, our local EC rep is now referred to as the princess. A wonderful, passionate, hard working lady with a wonderful sense of humor.
We are now heading into the weekend and are going into Kampot on Saturday to shop and see the sites.

Wade Billey
DWC Participant
Cambodia, March 2013

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