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March 19: Hard work, great comradeship and Kampot

Posted in Cambodia on March 19, 2013

We have started the next project, an irrigation gate for a small community. We are still working with the same local crew who are fun and sometimes tease us on how slow we can do cement work compared to them. Lots of good natured bantering and competition here that I am pretty sure the DWC team will lose. One of the exciting parts of this project is having to walk the 1/2 km to the site, through a water buffalo herd. The first time was a little scary but we are getting used to each other now. They are beautiful, powerful, large animals.
Friday night we all went for a nice meal at a restaurant with an incredible view. There was ahuge lightning storm and rain that followed - It was pretty cool.
On Saturday we all went for a drive to Kampot City. An old colonial ocean port with amazing architecture. We walked the sea wall and visited the local open market which was fascinating. It had everything from textiles, clothing, kitchenware, jewelry and the fish market which we all especially enjoyed. Then we went to the Rusty Keyhole restaurant for what we were told are 'the best ribs in Cambodia.' And they were right!!
Sunday was a day off to do whatever each person wanted to do. Some went on a tour to Rabbit Isalnd, some on a hike, some just took TukTuks around Kep and some went to the salt fields and a secret local beach. It was a great day.
Monday we were back to work on the gate. Goods progress there: All holes dug, culverts in and we are plastering and bricking in the ends for the gate placements. Again, it's very hot and there's no shade. Hard work, great comradeship and again that teasing from the locals. A fun day.

Wade Billey
DWC Participant
Cambodia, March 2013 

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