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March 22: Feeling very satisfied!

Posted in Cambodia on March 22, 2013

It is now Friday afternoon in Phnom Pehn and this will be my final blog. Our last work day in Kep was Thursday March 21. We spent the day working on the 3rd project. The days work involved digging a trench 3m by 1.5 deep and 150 ft long in 42c heat with no shade. The locals made it fun and we managed to complete about 30m of the trench. We had a little celebration with the workers (water and Oreo cookies) before we left. We then stopped at a local skills and trades training centre where coconut jewelry, hand spun/hand knit scarves and baskets from recycled plastic bags are made to supplement income.
Friday we drove to Phnom Pehn and will spend the night here before we all go our separate ways.
We all left Kep with a very satisfied feeling that we did help this community and touched the lives of some of the local people. We sure know they touched ours.
We are all looking forward to being involved with this project again next year.

Wade Billey
DWC Participant
Cambodia, March 2013

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