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March 28: Holi Festival in Nepal!

Posted in Nepal on March 29, 2013

The Festival of Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal on the full moon in either February or March. We were so lucky to be able to participate in the festival with some local villagers in the plains near Lamahi. As soon as we left the hotel, we were greeted by the owner who gave us our starting war paint marks. Red, of course, which is the traditional colour of Holi. Soon we were transported to a village and the fun ensued. All inhibitions were let loose and colours began to fly. We all grabbed some coloured powders and tossed them at one another, as well as the locals. We were doing pretty well...until we lost control of the water pump! Everywhere you looked, colours were flying, people were smiling, eyes were dancing! There was no holding back as we relinquished control to the spirit of Holi. All the excitement filled the air, it was contagious! The vibrant colours marking our faces and our inner children let loose onto the world. It was truly a bonding experience, especially in a culture so different from our North American customs. We were really able to get closer to the people of the village by sharing in one of their festivals. We saw little children throwing colours, and old men tossing buckets of coloured water on us foreigners, then giggling maniacally. What an opportunity! We played until we were spent, then sat down to a meal made by the villagers. It was delicious! It included a special rice dish only made for special guests and cups filled with their traditional alcohol. We all felt so honoured to participate in their special festival. Holi is such a free celebration compared to many of the celebrations we have in our North American culture. It's all about the goodness and love, celebrating life. There is no oppressive or solemn undertones. Holi is just about being happy, celebration and being with your fellow man. Thank you to all our dais (brothers) and didis (sisters) who made us feel so welcome on this most wonderful day.

Jennifer Walker and Adele Stratton
DWC Participants
Nepal, March 2013

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