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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima, Peru: Our first full day of work

Posted in Peru on April 9, 2013

After breakfast we all headed back to the school to continue work on our groups project. It was another beautiful sunny day in Lima and our main project today was taking down a portion of the roof that badly needed repair. We also took down the wall behind the sink area and replaced it. We continued sanding/mudding the walls and sanding shelves. The roof was a challenge but we had it conquered by the end of the day. The children are such a joy to be around and they kept coming by to see us often, we are getting lots of high fives and smiles.. We are also meeting some of the parents and interacting with them as well, everyone is so friendly and curious to see what we are doing. After our first full day of work we were all ready for a shower and dinner.

Kerri Watson
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru - April 2013

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