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Lima, Peru: A Productive day!

Posted in Peru on April 11, 2013

We had a very productive day today. The mudding and sanding on the room is now finished and the painting has begun. We did two coats on the top half of the walls, the trim and the beams, so we should be done that portion but Miguel waters the paint down so much that we will have to do two more coats. It is like we are just putting colored water on the walls. There are no paint trays, so we just dunk the rollers in a big bucket of "paint" and wipe the excess off with a stick. The electrical is coming along great and we actually get English music on one of the radio stations. The framing for the windows is challenging as the walls aren't square and the wood isn't straight but we are getting it done. We've also stained the shelves and refurbished a table with stain and paint.

Now I would like to tell you about the traffic in Lima....They don't seem to have speed limits and if there aren't enough lanes, they just make their own.. There have been numerous close encounters for us and we have been so close to vehicles next to us that they are almost touching. It's like Russian roulette trying to cross at a crosswalk, pedestrians don't seem to have the right of way here in Peru. It is quite entertaining!

Kerri Watson
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru - April 2013

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