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Lima, Peru: Back to work after a great weekend

Posted in Peru on April 16, 2013

The painting on the outside of the building was completed today. The electrical is complete and the window frames are stained. The brick foundation for the sinks is being covered in cement for more stability and the plumbing is fully operational. A rock retaining wall was built along the one side of the building for more stability. The painting in the kitchen is almost complete, just a few touch ups required. The doors still need to be finished and painted. We sanded the big oven and stove so they can be painted as well. Everything seems to be coming along quite nicely.

Everyone had a great weekend doing and exploring different things. Mark went to Cuzco, Sandra and I went to the Nasca lines, and Leanne, Darlene, Frank and Richard stayed in Lima and did things in the area.

Now I would like to tell you about the bathrooms we use while at the school. There are no toilet seats on any of the toilets and only one roll of toilet paper, so you need to remember to get some before you go into the stall. The toilets don't flush with the handle, you have to take a bucket of water in with you and pour it in the toilet when your finished, which makes them flush after it reaches a certain point. It's quite an interesting experience to say the least.. Lol...Makes u appreciate the luxuries of home!

Kerri Watson
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru - April 2013

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