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Lima, Peru: Day 4 and 5 of work is progressing at a steady pace

Posted in Peru on April 16, 2013

The electrical and plumbing are almost done and just need a few finishing touches next week. The last window frame has been made and will be stained next week before adding the glass and installing them. The one door was reinforced on both sides to make it sturdier and another hinge was added. We started painting the outside of the building, which matches the colors of the school. We also started in the lunchroom area and had 2 coats of paint done by the time we left on Friday. The school ladies have moved everything in the kitchen to the middle of the room and washed all the walls down for us, we will start that Monday. The weather is still sunny and warm everyday and the kids are starting to call us by name. They like helping with the painting and hammering.

Thursday evening we took taxis downtown and went to the Parque de la Reserva. We saw 10 of the 13 different fountains and the water lazer show, everyone enjoyed it very much. There was a tunnel fountain that we walked thru which was fun but a little wet.

Friday we finished a half hour early so we could shower and make it to the beach before sunset. We took photos of the waves, the surfers, the pier, the jelly fish washed up on the shore and of course the amazing sunset !! Today was Maria's last day with the group as she flys to Cuzco tomorrow, to tour the city and do a 4 day hike to Machu Picchu. We had a great dinner and lots of laughs, we'll miss u this week Maria.

Kerri Watson
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru - April 2013

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