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Lima, Peru: Show ‘n Tell & Sports Day

Posted in Peru on April 17, 2013

Wednesday was so much fun for all of us as we got to have show 'n' tell and sports day with the kids! We went to 4 classrooms and showed the kids pictures, Canadian money, and things from Canada. One class dressed up for us in costumes, and the grade 6 class did a lot of research on Canada and presented it to us. Then we went up the hill to their PE area with one of the classes and gave them some of the things we had brought from Canada including soccer balls, Frisbees, skip ropes, bubbles and then we played with the kids. Mark, Sandra, Darlene, Frank and Richard played soccer with the kids while Lianne showed some kids how to play Frisbee and I took pictures of all the fun. Everyone had a great time and the kids were so excited to spend time with all of us. Before we knew it was past lunchtime and the kids went back to class and we ate and got to work for the afternoon.

Darlene, Lianne, Sandra and I went shopping in the Inka plaza for souvenirs and gifts.. We found a little cafe and had a yummy dinner and interesting desserts. Mark went for dinner at a friend's (from Canada) mom's house and visited for awhile. Frank and Richard went for dinner by themselves. It was the only night we didn't eat together as a group.

Kerri Watson
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru; April 2013

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