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Lima, Peru: Saying goodbye to our friends in Peru and our fellow volunteers

Posted in Peru on April 19, 2013

Today was an amazing day with all the kids and parents. We went to each classroom to say our goodbyes and handed out some soccer balls, skip ropes, Frisbees and bubbles. The children sang us songs and said thank you to all of us for all the work we did to help them with their school.

We spent time in Christian's classroom baking and making food for the celebration in the afternoon. It was great fun to participate with the kids and see how much they enjoying cooking with us. We got to eat the things we prepared and spend time with the kids in the class and some of their parents. They presented us with a gift and thanked us for all we did to improve their classroom. We handed out back packs and t-shirts to the kids in the class.

It was a happy day, but a few tears were shed as we said our goodbyes. We also said goodbye to Miguel who helped us with all the repairs, and Luz who was our leader from IFEJANT and a wonderful lady.

Maria caught an earlier flight back to Lima and was able to go out for dinner with all of us. We had great food, some drinks, dessert and lots of laughs. After dinner, Maria, Mark, and Richard left for the airport. Darlene and Lianne are traveling in Peru together and leave tomorrow morning. Sandra and I leave very early tomorrow to travel Peru together. Frank leaves for Canada in the morning.

It was a great adventure together and I enjoyed my time with everyone. I hope to do more volunteer trips in the future.

Kerri Watson
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru; April 2013

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