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May 7: A Colourful Day at the Garden Of Dreams

Posted in Nepal on May 7, 2013

We ventured out on our own today to the Garden of Dreams for a wonderful shady break in the middle of this beautifully chaotic city. Everyone is getting along fantastically so far--we are all very excited for what the next three weeks will bring us!

We had lunch at a great place just around the corner, sitting under a shady canopy and chatting. The amount of time that everything takes to happen in Nepal is actually wonderful: it gives us time to enjoy our tea in the morning and just generally each other's company and conversation.

Our feet took us through narrow, narrow streets and into a busy market square, past colourful bags of spices and rices and other things nice-s. We stumbled upon a beautiful temple, whose sign "followers of all religions welcome" invited us in. There were pigeons...everywhere...(Anna and Chelsea were blessed with 'good luck' from them) and all these intricate details on the shrines that looked like they were moving because of the pigeon-coating. An Indian man took us around and explained parts of the place of worship to us, glad to be able to practice his English with us.

Kelly's strangely good sense of direction brought us home, where we had a hilarious dinner just at the hotel. We sat and talked and laughed for a few hours straight before calling it a successful, colourful day.

DWC Student Team
Nepal May 2013

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